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Fuel pump relay failures

Hi all, I've read many posts that relate to failed fuel pump relays and my story is very similar. My question is what is causing the relay to fail? Specifically the relay is damaged (not visibly) and won't work again. What is happening in the circuit that can short the relay but not blow the fuse?

Some background: Riding at 70 on the FWY, bike suddenly lost all power. After successfully not having a bigger problem, power suddenly resumed after about ten seconds. Rode another sixty miles without incident. At end of day got on bike to ride home and no fuel pump prime with key on. Swapped fuel pump relay with horn relay and got home.

Bike is an 02 GSAdv with 50K miles.

I figured it was just one of those things until it happened again several rides later. Went to start bike and again no fuel pump prime.

Those of you that have had this failure can you report back where you finally found the failure point. I'm going to start at the kill switch and pay close attention to tight zip ties but as you know trouble shooting a wiring harness is not easy. And just for fun, I may pull the HES and check that too...

Thanks for any input.
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