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Originally Posted by davek181 View Post
I made a mount for the ignition switch and stock gauges out of a flat piece of steel that had holes punched for the ignition switch and gauge mounts that bolted to the bottom of the upper triple. I even bent it just right and was able to get the steering lock to function too. It was a lot of work though, I would opt for the 650L top triple if I did it again and fab up a mount for the gauges. There is a gauge mount on them already but different from XL. I even bought one on eBay to use if I ever get bored.

I have kind of the same problem again since I am mocking up a USD fork swap from a CR made up of parts I have gathered from eBay. I have the forks, triples, front wheel with speedo drive all ready to go, just have to deal with the switch and gauges now.

I have a pic of the XRL upper but I am unsure how to upload it for you.

Here you go Dave

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