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Day 2

We started out with a stop in Ballarat, and learned that this old truck out front is most likely Manson's old truck.

A shot of the store. I warned the caretaker that a bunch of ADVers would be stopping by on Easter weekend!

Next we headed up to the infamous Goler Wash Steps. Though they are not so big now!

Here is a head on shot.

They are very easy now. I had zero issues on my F800GS, and my Dad, who would call himself a n00b in the dirt, had zero issues too. The gravel definitely has filled in. Overall the entire wash has been graded with gravel, which is a little more annoying then sand, but also not a show stopper for getting n00bs up. Well a fresh of the boat n00b might not like it on a 1200, but on a single it should not be a problem.

Spring water still running down the wash.

Quick stop at the Barker Ranch.

And onto Mengel Pass...

My bike took a little nap, but all due to my fault and lack of attention, not really a hard spot. :lol:

Mengel does get a little rocky. I definitely had to go a bit slow in spots on my F800GS to doggy paddle it up.

Top of Mengel Pass.

Heading down Mengel. Going W to E is definitely easier. Going E to W will present more problems for those on bigger bikes.

Striped Butte.

Lunch with a view, at the Geologist Cabin. A couple was set up there for the week, but let us use the table for lunch. Trader Joes has some good wraps that travel well for remote lunch breaks!

Striped Butte, one of my favorite geological features.

My Dad then got caught off guard by the softer gravel in between the two track and went down. He did bruise his foot up a bit and had a little limp, but it didn't stop him from riding out. Some Ibuprofen helped to keep the swelling down, and all was good. I definitely laid into him about the "told you so". He hates clunky dirt boots and insisted on his street boots, which do go over the ankle, but do not offer armor or stiff support.

Stopped by one of the old mines at Warm Springs.

A sand storm was blowing quite hard, as you can see at Warm Springs and West Side Road.

Since he was a bit worn out from the long day of dirt so far and his ankle, we decided to head south a few miles and then jump on the paved Bad Water Road. We stopped for a photo at Bad Water.

Next up, a quick detour through Artists Drive. We came around a corner to see 3 people trying to get a K1600LT over a dirt hump and back onto the road. So we gave him a push. Turns out a group of Brazilians had rented some bikes from Las Vegas BMW (two 1200RT's an a 1600LT), and one went off the road. Lucky for him that he nor the bike suffered any damage. I should have grabbed a photo! :lol:

Obligatory gas price photo at Furnace Creek.

Another solid day of riding, finishing up just at dark.

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