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Thailand: Ancient Khmer Temple and Waterfall Tour.

Hey guys, I've been based in Bangkok a few years now I jumped on the bike for a few days and headed out East, to the North-Est of Thailand to the region known as Isaan. It is the poor agricultural region of Thailand, known for its traditional cultures, rural villages, and producing most of the working girls, maids, servants, builders and most of the other menial workers in the country.

The people are deeply looked down upon by the other Thais as being stupid, dark, uneducated buffaloes, and get the raw end of the deal all round. Thais will call them and the region 'Lao', as they consider it and the buffalo inhabitants to be unworthy of Thailand and being Thai.

Anyway, it's a lovely region in the right time of year (not the hot season) and the locals are nice and friendly and get on with living their simple agricultural life. The Southern provinces are mainly Khmer (Cambodian) people and culture, with numerous old Khmer temples scattered all over the place. Many not even on Google maps (or another map) but picked up by my Garmin GPS.

Link to the 2 day temple tour here:


Some of the pics if you're lazy.

I'm standing in Thailand, the cliff is the border, and the valley floor is all Cambodia.

Chicken claw lunch.

Shadow play:

Waterfall Tour of Ubon Ratchathani.

Link here:

A few pics for the lazy or uninterested.

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