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Just coming up for air and have to share this with you. Apparently I have to learn everything the hard way. Tonight I planned to install the new duplex chain and crank sprocket. Remember how paranoid I was about blocking the crank? Because if you don't and something goes wrong, the results can be nasty? Well. . .

I thought I had everything figured out - while heating the new sprocket in the oven at 280F, I practiced with the old sprocket. I slipped it onto the shaft with just enough force to center it. I tried to pull it off but it was cocked on the shaft. I tugged on it just a little too hard I guess. That's when I heard a soft 'clunk'. Uh oh.

Not fully believing the obvious, I tried gently turning the crankshaft - bad idea. Completely seized. Sh*t!!!!!!!! Next to the $3000 o-ring hazard, this is the one to avoid at all costs and I had stepped right in it.

With rising blood pressure, I scanned the manual, the web, anything that could offer hope. Finally found a short reference by Snowbum that said there is a TINY chance to get the thrust washer back on its pins by accessing through the right side of the engine case. He said it probably wouldn't work but it was worth a try. He didn't offer any details.

I'll cut to the chase. After half an hour of gentle prodding with a thick copper wire (so that I didn't scratch anything), I managed to get it back on the pins. Disaster averted.
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