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hacking a cruiser

a beach cruiser that is. ive got a friend who does art department for photo/video shoots for various production companies.
he called me last week and asked if we could build a hacked beach cruiser for a commercial. i scratched together a "proposal" and off he went.

i get a call on thursday, says "hey we got the go on the sidecar build, i need it by tuesday" so needless to say, itll be a quick build thread.

started out by making a simple frame, attached by 1 point at first, just to get the idea of where tings are going to go.

then we added a second attachment

put it on the ground, and its way too flimsy with just two mounting points (first timers here, haha) just wanted to kinda flex it and see where things moved and in what direction, so in the morning we will add some more frame connections.

but it was getting late and we were getting hungry, so we kinda packed in the spark makers, and got out some CAD equipment. Armed with some cardboard and a few sizes of sanding discs, we started laying out curves for the nose and tail (going to be the same, but flipped opposite) and came up with something that looks similar to what the client wants.

since its just a bicycle car, and we have to get this thing DONE FAST, we are going to use wood sides and bottom, with an aluminum skin wrapping everything that isnt flat. (hope it makes sense, will post pics as it goes)

and the "picture me rollin" picture, my pal bob, the fabricator, im more the style guy and i can get shit done, but bobs a real craftsman.

thats it for the night, will update with more tomorrow.
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