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Great great great report Jenny !!!!

The different approaches in solving common problems is amazing... All these bikes, riders solving the same problems like where to carry tools, spares, emergencies etc... There are some ingenious solutions there.

Ned's bike is yummy
I am looking forward to see ktmmitch's progress in the rally , I am sure he is very well prepared. THE force is strong within him

With the roadbook upside down, do people switch the buttons on the roadbook switch to have a more ''normal '' feeling ? It would be weird to scroll upwards and then forwards (based on the scroll direction I mean ) It seems logical to go with a switched setup.

Godd luck to Timi, had seen her preparing for the rally and you could see that spark in her eyes
Keep them coming Jenny , appreciate everyones effort to keep us updated
Good luck to everybody !
Ride safe and Jenny please come back with a googlion of photos
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