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First with a 'regular' 1190

Can't beat those R pics, but at least I'm the first with a normal 1190 Adventure. In rainy Holland today.

First impressions: It's a well-trained elephant!
Even though Cagiva probably has the rights to that name, I think it fits my grey 1190 well. Coming from a KTM 990 SM T, this bike is only a little bit taller. Strangely, it feels lighter in the corners. The bike drops into corners very eagerly without being nervous. It pulls from 2200 rpm where the 990 needed at least 3000 and was much more jerky in its fuel injection.
It does dive a bit during braking, but otherwise the suspension and damping seen quite firm in the 'Comfort' mode (there's also Street and Sport). You can also change the drive mode. The dealer had put it in Rain due to the weather, which feels quite soft in the throttle. I put it into Street for the last few km's and the bike seems much more willing then. You do have to close the throttle while doing the setting with your left thumb, but it can be done while riding.
One interesting observation I made is that the 1190 feels less stable while driving in traffic jams. First gear is not that short, so I needed the clutch a lot, and the bike does not track that well at super low speeds.
I parked it on some gravel for a photo but unfortunately the camera battery was dead due to the cold weather. I hope there is a Powerpart to solve this, because the sidestand sank right into the gravel and I almost dropped the bike!
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