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I ordered and received Pazzo adjustable and folding levers for my 2013 F800GS, but only received my bike late last night. I'm at work now, but tomorrow and Monday I'll be starting to install all my goodies.

I haven't actually held the new levers up next to my bike yet (will do that tonight) but by memory and looks I would say that they don't fit. But before ordering them I asked the service manager at my dealership and he checked and reported that the BMW part numbers are the SAME for the levers on the 2013 model as prior models. So they SHOULD fit, but it appears there is a new cover/cap/plastic piece on the 2013 model which covers the pivot point of the levers and this might prevent the Pazzos from fitting. The lever itself might be the same, but the cover could be the problem.

In any case, I'll be able to report with certainty later tonight or early tomorrow.

I've got all week to install stuff because thanks to our snow tire law here in Quebec, I can't actually ride the bike until the 16th. SIGH. Gonna be a LONG week, that's for sure.


Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
There are a bunch of guys selling similar levers on eBay...
I notice that in the details it says bulbs are not included ... so be sure you have some lever-bulbs on hand

Seriously... I asked the same question on another thread sometime back,
but no one would admit to having purchased any of the Chinese-Varios.

I'd ask the vendor if they will fit, I'll bet they will ... just the fitment charts are out of date they don't list anything after 2011
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