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Originally Posted by Les_Garten View Post
These bikes are like another passion of mine, Porsche's.

When I was doing my Porsche, a guy I worked with said he would like to get one and do the same thing. Wanted to know how much he should give for a beater to build up.

My statement: If it's free it would never be a deal, and the guy who gave it to you wasn't doing you a favor.

This bike immediately reminded me of that.

If this bike was free, it may not be worth the effort to haul it away.

I bought a Gold Wing in 4 or 5 boxes once.

Seemed like a deal at the time...
If you are new to them and looking at working on them as an active hobby, it seems reasonable to me to have some tuition money in there.

You just don't want to pay for stuff that you have to send out and where the only thing you learn is how much that stuff can cost. So you want good splines everywhere, good tranny and rear drive, good exhaust threads on the heads. Prolly some things I'm not thinking of.

Engine, front end, brakes, electrics, etc. are all good DIY material. And when you do them it's all fun and yes, more costly than starting with something that needed no attention in these areas.

Thrice now, first with my First BMW (a 75/5) and later with a K100RS and most recently with my R100RS, I ended up buying two bikes is reasonably close succession. My second /5 was in prefect running order, cost $1500 (looooond time ago). I parted it out to myself over many years, more than getting my money back. if I saved some of the parts I sold off, I would have made a fortune today. The K the bike I got was gorgeous and very dead (fuel left in it for a year). The second ran well but was more ratty. Between the two I got a nice bike and made good money on parts. (both had Staintune exhausts, lotta people were hitting deer and needed bodywork and the stuff I had was cherry). I got to learn the K fairly well. On the RS the second bike was in boxes sans frame. Parted some to myself and sold some. Sold the block for like $100 and I'm still kicking myself. I forgot it only had 40K on it! So it goes.
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