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Originally Posted by homerj View Post
I just logged onto GE and it looks like they are using Deg.min.sec
In the GE "Tools" menu under "Options..." on the "3D View" tab, you can set GE to use any of four Lat/Lon formats. But if you paste a set of coordinates into the GE "Search" box, it figures out what format you pasted and takes you to the correct spot, even if you've set GE to use a different format. So, GE is pretty smart in figuring out what you used. I think the setting in Tools>Options>3D View is what GE uses when it shows you coordinates, such as your cursor position and the coordinates shown in an Edit Placemark dialog box.

To see GE interpret multiple formats, one at a time copy each of these coordinates and paste them into the GE search box. You'll see all three are the same exact spot, and GE correctly interprets each of them even though they are in different formats. But they have to be in these exact formats, or very close, else GE will not be able to interpret them.

37.047867 -113.754133 ------------------ (DD.DDDDDD) Degrees
37 2.872'N 113 45.248'W ----------------- (DD MM.MMM) Degrees Minutes
37 2'52.32"N 11345'14.88"W -------------- (DD MM SS.SS) Degrees Minutes Seconds

While you're looking at this point, tilt the view in Google Earth and check out how steep the road is at this point. Incredible! ! !

One of my Grand Rally stages bypasses this strange point. Anyone know why I decided to not to include it in the route?
New desert racing frontiers
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