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Originally Posted by TDMTAM View Post
All the best with the test.
Originally Posted by rodmuzwa View Post
Good luck mate!

Cheers guys.

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Good luck Matt, the divvy is a much nicer bike to ride than the GS500, lot smoother, maybe a touch taller but so much better and the extra power(ok only 15bhp or so) gives it a more fun oomph in comparison and remember.......postioning and lifesavers
Thanks. I sat on one today at the MCN Bike Show. Seemed straight forward enough and pretty comfy.

Originally Posted by glenn2926 View Post
Good luck with the test. With the amount of riding you have been doing you should have no problems. Just do not stop to take photographs whilst actually on your test.
I hope to be reading a lot more of your ride reports this year.

Cheers Glenn.
Thank you. Got no-one to blame but myself should I fail. I know what I need to know.

And my test is in Bathgate. There's no chance I'll be stopping to take photos!

Originally Posted by trackrider View Post
Hey matt good luck for the 28th fella ,, the weather is to break tomorrow but hopefully no snow ,, especially for the 28th .. You will sell the wee sazzook no worries ,, she looks like a mini harley with them boxes on now but looking good,, all the best jim
Yeah weather took a hefty downturn the last couple of days. There's always a market for 125s. She's done me well.

Originally Posted by Janis View Post
Some stunning views! I`m down in London.Only had some local trips to south and south west. Exmoor, Dartmoor and other nice places :) I usually pick my places from the national walks website. They have lots of nice places to offer, I always get some nice ideas there. I`m planning to go to whales this spring :) always wanted to go up north though. But it takes a while to get there and with work and all it`s difficult to cough up enough time for exploring Scotland :) anyway - brilliant pictures. I hope I`ll get there someday :)
Yeah I can do it in small trips because I'll be back out a few days or a week later. Not so easy when you get one shot at it. I'd like to do Wales. My first non-Scotland RR will likely be Wales (and a bit of England obviously).

I hope you get up here too.

Originally Posted by chrish4ku View Post
Very nice....

Originally Posted by Motomuffin View Post
I have always wanted to travel to Scotland and do a bike tour... Now I am inspired like never before.
So very inspired
Come on over. You've missed February but some of the other months are okay too. Our best weather tends to be in May if that helps.

Originally Posted by yorkieterrier View Post
Good luck with the test.

Keep up the good work with the photos.

You are lucky to be able to ride in such a beautiful part of the world
Thank you. You are right. There are plenty of places in the world I want to go with a bike and often find myself day dreaming about them. However there's plenty of Scotland that I've yet to see so no rush to be looking out the metal panniers and Carnet.

Originally Posted by windmills View Post
Go get 'em Matt!
Thanks dude. I need you to stand at the side of the road and cheerlead. I'm got the pom poms but you'll need to bring your own skirt.

Originally Posted by Platinumgrit View Post
Haha, good to hear.

Yeah, I'm thinking of doing an RR. I need to put a bit more thought and planning into exactly what it will be; I'm flat out busy with work & getting everything ready for months away, that I'm shelving that whole thought process until I've got time to think through it properly. But there's definitely going to be a Go Pro in there somewhere ;-)
Goodstuff. I chose an improved DLSR camera over a compact video camera earlier this year. It wouldn't have been a GoPro mind you. Out of my financial league. Some of the videos people get off them are amazing though. I'll definitely get a video camera at some point.

Originally Posted by fraser2312 View Post
G'luck with the test mate, where are you sitting it?
Bathgate dude. Never been so I'll try get through if the weather clears a bit. Maybe even follow someone about while they're on test! I have an hour before hand so the instructor is going to show me some of the bits that tend to trip folk up.


A few days ago my sister asked me to take my bike in to her school (she's a primary school teacher) to let the kids see it and maybe sit on it as the subject they're doing just now is transport. The kids she teaches have a variety of learning and physical disabilities including autism. I've never met any of them before so wasn't sure what to expect but it went really well. They loved it! Beeping the horn got the biggest reaction of the day and while one or two were a bit scared of it, you could hardly keep the rest of them away. Very cool.

No photos though I'm afraid but you can have this one from Killin that I forgot to post last week.


Today was the first day of the MCN Scottish Mototcycle Show. Weather was awful so nowhere near as many bikes in the car park as there has been in the past but the show was still pretty mobbed so I'm guessing that like me, they just took the car.

No BMW again and the Victory stand was very subdued compared to last year but the rest of them were just as big and loud as they've been recently. I got to sit on a few bikes, get a wee chat with some folk I knew and see some pretty cool stunt riding. And Nick Sanders was there. I would have gone over to talk to him but he was selling books and DVDs and I didn't have any money on me.

Nick Sanders:

Apologies for the quality of these videos. I would've put music over the first one but Youtube don't like that.


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