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Day 3

The weather was too crapy to stick around and have breakfast so we just packed up and left. We headed from camp back down to Glen Springs Road and headed downhill on that towards the River Road. We had been warned that the River Road was quite sandy in spots making us a bit apprehensive but we were at least willing to test the waters. No real plan for the day other than to just ride around and check out the park. We had booked a room up at the Chisos Mountain Lodge for that night so we knew where we needed to be at the end of the day.

On route down to the River Road we played leap-frog with a fella in a jeep. We stopped, he passed. He stopped, we passed. In the picture below you can see part of the road we just came down. Great scenery.

Once on the River Road we decided it was time for coffee since we had missed our coffee fix earlier. It was still a bit chilly though it must have been close to 11:00 already.

As we were waiting for the water to boil the guy in the jeep rolled by so we chatted a bit. He mentioned something about getting a flat the last time he had traveled that road. We said we knew all about fixing flats.
As soon as he left I looked over and Kerry’s front tire was flat again! WTF? We were now running low on patches with only one big one left. I cut it into several smaller pieces and went to work on the tube once again. We got it inflated and headed out.

We were taking the shorter route out towards the Rio Grand Village as we needed gas and there was a store there. I looked for a patch kit but no luck. While at the village I spied this cool Overland truck. Sweet rig and the visor above the windshield is really cool.

I talked to a fella in the parking lot and he mentioned some dual sport rental trailer in Terlingua and that the proprietor there would be able to direct me to the local motorcycle shop as apparently it is quite difficult to find. We headed back across the park taking the main paved road. It would be about 20 miles up to Panther Junction and then another 29 or so into Terlingua. At this point Kerry’s tire needed to be pumped up every 15 minutes or so. Fortunately we had picked up some air compressors at Cycle Gear at 50% for $19.99 each. These came in handy and they plug right into our battery tender connections.

After about 3 pit stops to air up along the way we finally got out there. Somehow it was already after 4:00 p.m.

We quickly spotted the DS bike rental trailer. There were a few fellas handing around inside and it looked like they were working on some front wheel bearings on a WR two-fitty. We got to chatting about our square tire situation and the guy handed me a bolt with a nut on the end that he said fit in the axle of his Tiger. Didn’t quite fit so I filed down the small burrs I had created the previous day attempting to break the axle loose using other objects. Still didn’t fit and we were out of ideas.
Next best option was to go with some Slime so I ran up the street to the hardware store and picked up a bottle. When I got back the shop guy had now found a bolt with a 14 mm head on it and a 17 mm nut. After threading on the nut a few turns he proceeded to beat the shit out of it using a sledge hammer and a spare trailer hitch he had lying in the back of his truck. I stuck this in the axle and after a bit of spinning the nut caught on the smashed up threads and the axle started to come loose. Phew. That was the most expensive nut and bolt I ever bought - $5. This one’s staying in my tool kit.

Here's a shot of the trailer.

These guys have loads of appropriately sized DS bikes that I would ride anywhere in this area. Decent prices too at something like $150/day for the big GS bike and closer to $130 for DR/KLX/WR type bikes.

It was now closing time and being situated right next to the RV park riders started to roll in. We met a few nice folks that afternoon. One in particular was quite helpful and gave us some great pointers for rides we best not miss out on while in the area. He goes by the name of Waldo. Super friendly and I hope I catch up with him again someday. He told us to make sure and ride out to Boquillas Canyon Overlook and to do the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive down to Castolon and the Cottonwood Campground.

It was now time to head back into the park and get up to the lodge. The hour was getting late and the light was getting just right.

Once up at the lodge we checked in and then promptly took showers to wash all of last nights sand out of ......

We briefly took in the view on the patio by the restraunt. This would be a great place to sip a margerita in the warmer months. Nice place. Diner at the lodge was nice and we certainly slept a lot better than the previous night.

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