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Originally Posted by deezildennis View Post
I am going to look for a Disc brake Model Suzuki Gt750. I am Selling My 08 Bonnie t100 with 2k on it and going to funnel all of that cash and some other savings to find a Low Mile or Restified GT750.

I rode one of these about 10 years ago and really fell in love with it. The one i Rode was mostly stripped and made into something of a cafe racer that was temperamental . I do not want to go that route but want to keep it stock as a rock maybe with some chambers and other light farkles.

I ride my Scooters mainly and the Bonnie has sat Not that I Don't love it but I prefer riding the scoots and Now I want to fulfill the dream of getting one of these Big 2 strokers. Other than the hard time trying to find replacement parts when they let loose how are these to ride and run as a weekend cruiser? Are they unreliable for this or is there major issues that should steer me away from owning and riding one of them?

If you had one fill me in on what to expect when owning one of them.
Thanks ahead of time.
Well I have to disagree with the folks who think the later bikes were better. I had a drum brake 72 and a 75 and I found the 72 to be much the nicer bike to ride. It had power right from idle and would leave the 'faster' 75 for dead in a top gear roll-on. The 72 made for a really nice cruiser. It would run sweetly at 2500 rpm in forth in town whereas the tall geared peaky 75 would barely get into second.

Where the 75 was better was at high speed on the Interstate.

Timkin tapered bearings in the steering head got rid of much of the wobble. The swing arm bushings need to be kept fresh and well greased. A Metz lasertec on the front greatly improved the steering. I would avoid period looking ribbed front tires like the plague.

Enginewise the only thing that was really a pain was having three sets of expensive points. My engineer father clued me into the wonders of GM points grease. That extended the life of the points and kept the bike in tune about three times longer.

You can count on the exhaust being plugged. I stripped out the fiberglass off the baffles and tightly wrapped them in steel wool which didn't plug up, was cheap to replace and made for a much better running and sounding bike.

If you want reliable; stick with stock pipes. Don't forget these are now old bikes. A little gentle respect and they will run nearly forever.
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