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And Now for Something Completely Different....

I have put almost 200 miles on the Zero now and I am enjoying it greatly.

I like the silence, the smoothness and lack of vibration, and the almost liquid smooth power delivery. I like the uniqueness of the motorcycle and the fact that I am going to be transporting myself around on 100% locally produced electric power. Here in Idaho it is mostly Hydro power so it is really a clean and renewable energy source. It is really fun to ride BY the gas station and NEVER stop for gas.

When I registered it at the DMV they had troubles with how many CCs it was... It has no CCs.

When I started this thread on the ADV forum there was no nice place for it.... I put it in Thumpers because I thought that Single Cylinder fans might be more attuned to the simplicity of the Zero. AND it does have a single battery pack.

It is really something quite different from other motorcycles.
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