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Lukas' summary from day one...

Tuareg Rally Day 1 (Saturday March 9th 2013) summary - #116 Lukas Matzinger

“I had a fantastic morning, a very good midday... and a horrible afternoon!” Lukas begins as he walks wearily across the bivouac towards me. “In fact I only just made it in to the final checkpoint before the cut-off time” he continues.

Not only is this Lukas’ first off-road race, but he spent nearly twenty hours yesterday undertaking final preparations to his rally bike, pausing only briefly to eat dinner before continuing on into the early hours.

“The sand just got softer and softer as the day went on, and the [high] sun made it very difficult to see the contours” he continues - “The front wheel would just dig in - I must have gone over the bars about twenty times... and then you just have to dig it out, it’s exhausting. To compound things I had less than three hours sleep last night” he admits.

Fortunately, Lukas is very pleased with his choice of the Husaburg FE570 as a rally bike “It’s almost like cheating” he grins “It is very light and narrow, and has a lot of power - it is probably the best bike here for this sort of terrain - as it doesn’t tire you out.”

“I’m a mediocre [rally] rider at best, and this bike has saved me loads of times - this is my first time riding in sand, and soft dunes, and the bike was absolutely fantastic... the only issue was later in the afternoon the bike started to stutter and lose power making longer climbs difficult - so I’ll have to look into that tonight.”

Despite experiencing a steep learning curve today, Lukas is confident he reached every checkpoint [just] in time, and hopes he has avoided any time penalties during his first day in desert rally raid.

Stage result: not available at this time

Overall position: not available at this time

#116 Lukas Matzinger completed the first stage with just 5 minutes to spare:
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