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Originally Posted by AllEuro
The Battery is new and charged and I did rev the engine with no results or change in the output. I will do the diode check and look into the ground wire connections. Is there a test to see if the stator is putting out or is the fact that the bike is running confirm that the stator is making power?


Here we go:

If you want to measure the Stator find the cables colored black, red and white. If you measure red to black and to white you should have 12.7ohms +-20%
Charging Coil: locate the yellow cables and the white cable
measure all yellow cables to ground, should read 0.65ohms +-20%
all yellow cables to the white cable should read 0.16ohms +-20%

This is for the Kokusan system (in all 640 Lc4 E /Adventure with E-start)

hope that helps


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