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Well, the results were a roaring, errr-a whispering sucess. With the raw FMF Megabomb feeding into an FMF PC4, I'd have gotten a ticket just idling at the side of the road.

With the hardware cloth insert, I could, seriously, accel at a hard rate past a cop without a second glance. It's somewhat louder than stock, but much smoother than my drilled-out stock muffler.

The videos linked below were recorded at a set volume level, so each vid could be accurately compared, but it doesn't reflect the extremely loud snap from each exhaust pulse in the raw setup. I revved the raw muffler much less hard than I did the tamed muffler, so keep that in mind when viewing the videos.

OF COURSE there will be less power. All mufflers reduce exhaust flow. This mod is about being able to fine-tune the exhaust for road use, while maximizing power. Hopefully I'll be able to post some riding impressions and added-top-end speeds in a month or so.

The gaping maw of the stock FMF PC4 muffler:

The 1/4" hardware cloth before coiling:

An exhaust-pulses' view of the insert:

This side view shows how the density of cloth increases from the left/front, to the exit/right:

The videos:
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