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Oh no, he's back at it again...

Nathan Beford Forrest State Park, Eva, TN

Less words...more photos.

Yeah, this'll do.

So far so good...

Commence Circus Deployment!

My camping helpers Left to right:
Camera case, Chair, Cooler, Sleeping bag, Pillow, Tarp, Tarp Pole, Tent Footprint, Tent, Mollie bag.

...and the mammoth super jumbo Thermarest.

Just in case the sleeping pad fails, I brought this. (which I did not drink because it's against the speeding)

'M 'R Ducks
(I just tricked you into sounding like a local)

All set up.

Time to build a fire and relax.

...In my chair.

Blurry long range critter shot.

Sun's getting low...More stuff to do before it gets dark.

Starting dinner.

Chicken, Broccoli and Rice. Not bad at all.

My version of the camp lantern.

Gotta have a fire... It was in the high thirties. Time for bed....Zzzzzzz

Saturday morning:
Breakfast and coffee all prepared on my tiny Barbie cook set.

Camp food tastes better. This thing was awesome...even with the pre-cooked turkey sausage I used.

Started raining, so I changed the tarp up a little bit.

Got the bike under there too.

Boat Dog.


Wicked windy this morning, and since I took so many photos the last two days, the camera only came out once.
Headed home. Went I-40 to beat the rain. It started a couple hours after I made it home.

Can't wait to go back, Beautiful area!
Tennessee Plates

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