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Originally Posted by BoochZilla View Post
Hey Boon,

The Arai Profile has been replaced with the Arai Signet-Q Helmet, the next generation of long oval. People have loved the fit so far.

While the new Schuberth C3 Pro is more accommodating front to back than the original Schuberth C3 and XD-4 I would still classify all 3 helmets as intermediate oval.

Post a picture of your head (front and side profile) and we could probably gut check whether or not it's even worth your time to try and intermediate.



Hey, Anthony, thanks- I actually figured out how to ask the question on your website not too long after posted this here. I picked up a Signet Q about a month ago and the fit is pretty good- I think once I get it broken in it will fit just like the Profile did.

I gotta say, the Signet is amazingly light- it weighs absolutely nothing, even compared to the Profile.

While I'm at it- just a thumbs-up to you guys, yo were very good to us on swapping out a closeout pair of pants I bought for my wife a couple years ago that were the wrong size.

You didn't owe us the hassle-free exchange but your folks were very cool about it. When I had to, uh, unexpectedly replace my gloves, jacket, and helmet over the last couple months, I came straight to you guys- being cool about a $100 closeout ended up selling Helds, Arai, and a FirstGear Kilimajaro (ok I know the Kili isn't high rent, but I just like them).

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