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Originally Posted by G19Tony View Post
I'm going to ride my Versys a lot this summer as a commuter and a light touring bike. If it turns out that I don't go anywhere, and mainly ride in town. I may consider a Zero for around town riding. I would get the SM version, I think. I'll have to see about plugging it in at work, when our new space opens next month.
I really enjoy riding the Zero in town. At first it seemed really strange to be sitting at a stop with nothing happening .... There is no idle. When not moving the bike indicates ON with the GRN light but the normal sensations are not there from an ICE.

Now I really enjoy the silence and hear a lot of things that are missed on a conventional ICE motorcycle.

One other thing to consider for in town riding is that "loud pipes save lives" thing.... I have surprised a few pedestrians who are listening more than looking before stepping into the street already. So far, not noticeable from other vehicle traffic and I never put much credence into making noise, but it is different.
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