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Originally Posted by Nnordsman View Post
Beautiful Bike. What is the range? In economy? In sport? How long to recharge from dead? A good chunk of my riding each year is a 74 mile/day commute at highway speeds.

Range is more variable on an E bike than on a gas bike. If you are in Sport mode and twisting the throttle aggressively, then the controller will dump a lot of energy into the motor and that will decrease range significantly. You can be in Sport mode and still easy on the right grip and still achieve significant range.

I have heard from several people that range will increase slightly after some use. Range is decreased by several factors: Wind, hills, stop and go, aggressive riding.

I have only ridden the bike far enough to test range twice here in Idaho as the weather is still cold here. The first time I achieved only 55 miles to the last 2 bars on the stored energy graph. There are a total of eleven bars on the graph so this works out about 6 miles / energy bar on the graph. There is a hidden bar so if it ran full to the last electron that would about 72 miles. Note that on this ride it was about 38 degrees and I was having some fun with Sport mode. Out of the 55 miles about 11 miles were dirt road and the rest twisty 2 lane. Top speed of 70 MPH, average probably about 55 except for dirt bits and the dirt road had some steep climbs.

The second time I tested it temps were from 38 to 30 degrees and I rode twisty 2 lane highway with top speed of 60 MPH and made it to 61 miles before the flashing 2 bars popped up.

I hope that range increases some when the weather warms up.

If your commute is 74 miles round trip, no problem. 74 miles one way would be a stretch for this bike.

Some good Range information on Zero's website here:

Recharge from total discharge is about 9 hours for my bike which has the larger ZF9 battery. This is with the onboard charger. Another charger can be added in parallel and and costs about another $400 and cuts the recharge time in half.
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