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Originally Posted by strongbad View Post
It looks like a quality bike, but an electric isn't on my radar at all because I take long trips. I noticed that you haven't spoken about range or price...the two main areas where electrics fall short of ICE bikes. I smile every time I pass an electrical outlet on my VFR...
Strongbad, Range is addressed some in last post. I am still learning the limits and hope to achieve around 80 miles of usable range in mixed riding once the weather warms up more here. I will post more on Range as I learn more about it.

The price is hard to reconcile on one hand and easy on another:

- It will take some time to get to price parity with a similarly featured ICE bike. However, depending on how much you spend in maintenance for your bikes it will happen with enough time and miles. The Zero will roll for less than 1 cent/ mile here in Idaho where we have pretty inexpensive power. There is hardly any cost in operating it. No valves to adjust, filters to replace, oil changes, etc, etc. Over time those costs will add up. However, with the Zero you have to pay the ticket up front and it is not inexpensive. I also appreciate the time that I used to spend on wrenching I can now do something else with.

- On the other hand the Zero represents and amazing amount of technology for a lower price than the average Harley Davidson that uses the same basic design that they have been using for 50 years. Before I get entirely flamed for that statement, consider that I have owned 2 Buell Ulysses and one HD Sportster. The point is, people drop that kind of coin on motorcycles that are way less in terms of the technology that they represent.

In my own case, I was compelled by the end of year incentives and Zero's Cash for Carbon program so the price was a lot less than the sticker and that made it worth it for me and my riding needs.

Until the price of EVs go down, they will probably not achieve mass market appeal but the 2013 Zeros are pretty amazing machines and if you have the budget to spend that much on a bike, they are a good buy in my opinion.
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