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We pull a Bunkhouse camper (Bunkhouse is now part of Bushtec) with electric over hydraulic brakes. The running lights power up the system and brake light circuit operates the pump. You set the pump to bypass at a certain pressure (takes a little tweaking to get it right and I have different setting for different road conditions) don't want the brakes to stop the bike just not let the trailer push the bike. I built a dolly to carry the weight of the trailer tongue. First one was with a KwikKamp and worked great, second was built to pull the Bunkhouse and did not work at all. Had it not been for the brakes we would have gone down when the trailer started to sway violently. Pull the front brake lever enough to turn on the brake lights and apply the trailer brakes. Could hear the trailer tires squeal when it would sway over and unload the tire enough for the brakes to lock the wheel. Built the dolly to save wear on the rear tire, which it did. Load the trailer right and get the weight distributed correctly and it's not bad. Don't do that or go to fast/not leave yourself enough stopping distance and you can get hurt quick.
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