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Originally Posted by Travrsx View Post
Cool, I am very interested to hear a "real world" opinion about these bikes. In many ways, I think electic vehicles are the future, but I'm not entirely convinced that the technology makes sense yet. With the rate at which battery technology advances, I see these sort of machines being competitive (price and performance) to internal combustion in the next 5-10 years.

I think the short range of an EV makes sense for many everyday motorcyclists, though those of us on ADVrider like to invision the long trips, even though they account for only a very small percentage of our riding (for the most part). This zero bike seems great, but I am not interested at $14k. When the price can be more competitive with an ICE bike, I think they will sell plenty.

Keep the reports coming!
Very good points Travrsx.

One thing that is really obvious once you start riding EVs: There is a LOT of energy in a gallon of gasoline! It is hard to replace that with battery storage.

I am guessing but unless there are huge advances in battery technology we will see incremental increases for the next several years.

The future is probably more about fast charging. If the energy could be dumped into a 10KW battery pack in a few minutes then the experience of charging would be a lot like filling with gas.
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