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This is a problem that Phil, the owner of the Guzzi Daytona pictured earlier, had to overcome, but luckily Guzzi's have a much broader selection of ratios available than BMW has. wheel slip at speed being the main problem, if you gear for you desired top speed without taking this into account, you will fall sort of your goal by the wheel slip amount, this at least allows you to calculate what the slip ratio actually is

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Different models have different final drive ratios, so there is some scope for alteration, but not sufficient for this sport I strongly suspect. A chain-drive conversion would fix that though.
Come to think of it, it must be do-able though, this year some guy ran a 1981 R100 to 150mph-ish. You will find his name in the photos posted for this years event on the DLRA website.
The DLRA is the governing body, at .
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