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Does the Zero DS have enough range to be an ADV bike?

I thought a little about that before posting this review on ADV. I like visiting this forum to read about people who "Ride the World". I love the thought of riding across vast expanses and riding for days, weeks, months at a time and those are some of the most entertaining threads here. I have taken a few extended trips by motorcycle and I love the freedom and excitement of travel by motorcycle.

I thought about that a lot before committing to having only an electric bike this year. From my own calculations I find that the range of the Zero DS will fit 95% of my riding from last year. This could be a sad statement about my personal priorities but probably many on this forum are in the same state if they are honest.

I have kids, a job, and responsibilities that limit my riding time. If I can ride to work and back, and take a few hours on a Saturday for a 50-80 mile loop ride out and back from home that will fit my lifestyle for the next several years. I may add a gas bike into the mix again sometime but I am committed for not to trying to live in the electric bike's range / recharge limitations, change my adventures to fit those parameters, and see how it ends up.

If you are fortunate enough to have several steeds in the corral a Zero can be one of them. But can you do long distance on a Zero and is it an Adventure?

I think that the answer is yes in both cases but it will be a significantly different kind of adventure. Consider the 3500 mile road trip of Terry Hershner on a modified Zero S from FL to CA here:

While Terry did some substantial modifications to the bike to make this happen, almost every rider here has mods on their rides as well. Certainly, Terry had quite an adventurous trip!

It will probably not be too far in the future when there are threads on ADV about being the first ebike rider to traverse Africa, South America, or Asia. It could be argued that electrical outlets are more widespread than gas stations so it is bound to happen.

So, when all is said and done, an adventure is up to the adventurer and therefore I think that the DS can live on the ADV forum.
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