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Alright...some new stuff to actually talk about.

Since starting this Subie build I have been on several subaru specific forums including, and to a much lesser extent,

These three seem to be the most active and they are great resources for information and ideas. Well, a few weeks ago, I saw that a member from Oregon on DI had a running 2.2 L Subie motor for sale. Now the 2.2 is legendary for its reliability and it is a sought after motor. I wanted to pick up some spare parts to throw in a box to bring to Mexico just as I had with the Honda and this motor was being sold with all of the goodies (Power steering pump, alternator, coil pack, wires, intake, basically everything but the AC compressor. The first guy fell through and I was able to pick it up for $200 bucks! This motor will either end up being a spare for the race car to throw in whenever David wants to pull the race motor for whatever reason...

or David can rebuild it and sell it and make some money, and it becomes trading stock for our little racing relationship.. Either way, it was a great deal! And even better was that the young man selling this motor was Brian, and he is a great guy with a Subaru addiction. We ended up bench racing for about two hours as I showed him my race car and he showed me his Subaru projects....he has three

I ended up letting him drive the race car because I wanted his opinion on the motor. He loved it and said he was impressed with the power for a normally aspirated Subaru motor. He took us to a nice loose gravel road where he turned the keys over to me as he didn't want to crash the car...and we went for a quick but fun run! Of course, I took no photos or videos of this...but here is a picture of me driving home with my spare motor strapped in the back

I purposely drove the Subaru in order to get some needed miles on it. It was very comfortable and I'm glad I kept the door cards and other interior bits in that I did. Considering the miles I will be putting on this car over a two week period...comfort is a higher priority than lightening it like a stage-rally car. I got 22 MPG for the day of mixed driving. I have about 1500 miles on it since the motor was built.

Then on Saturday, I drove the car up to Davids to work on some things and drop off the new/old motor. David and his new helper Eric were on hand and stripped the motor of some spare parts. I am actually going to bring the whole intake because of all of the injectors and sensors and such...things like a cam and crank sensor are nice to have in Mexico just in case...and with Mexican gas...having spare injectors can't be a bad idea...and of course, if I have them...I'll never need any of it. Right?

We then piled into Eric's 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback to check out the Pick n Pull for some goodies. It was strange being in the same exact model as my race car but to be sitting in the back and have it be all civilized and shit..

We ended up pulling a couple of things off of this 1998 Legacy....nothing special though...and we couldn't get the control arms off with the tools we had..I really need spare control arms...I may try to buy some new ones if I can find the money.

I really wish I could just find a whole car and strip it clean..but that won't happen before this year's race.
The great news is the car is running great and handles great on and off road. The motor is fantastic and flawless. The only really issue is that with the limited travel, the car tends to bottom out when cooking down a gravel road and hitting a decent pothole. Not much to do on this budget...but Cory and I are going to be adding some stiffer springs and longer struts off or a forester just to give us a little extra.

David tested a bunch of things on the car and we got the AC working ice cold....oh yeah...Ice Ice AC Baby

Then I went to the Burgerville for a burger and fries and a Drop Top Amber The Burgerville down the street from David's is the only one in the chain that sells beer and wine...good beer and wine. Its surreal. For those from outside the Pac Northwest, Burgerville is a like a better Wendy's...

Today I finished up the hood pins. Nothing says race car like hood pins... But in this case, they really are function over form. I had mounted up some pins...but they started to rust in just a week...thank you ebay! Found some stainless ones yesterday at autozone near David's house for $11 bucks. Done (as the SL350 watched intently in the background).

Oh, and then Laura and I went for a little shake down on the dunes

Didn't take any photos...did take a little video. No music this time...someone wanted more engine here ya go!

Cool thing was, two 20-something kids came up on quads after watching us climb some dunes and asked "what the hell I had in that thing." And they were drooling over the cage was pretty fun.

There's probably some more...but that's all for now!

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