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What am I doing wrong?

So what am I doing wrong?

The day after installing the flange clamp and metal quick disconnect kit, I went out for a spin. Upon returning there was the usual waft of petrol. I checked out the newly fitted items to see a pool of petrol had collected in the small well. At least 5-6 tablespoons worth of fuel. Holy S**T was my first, second, and third thoughts.

Yesterday I remove the quick disconnect kit again, not so much sealant as I remember putting in around the threads. My thinking is that I left some old residue sealant that cleaned the thread as it went in maybe.

So I did a really thorough job again, getting it very clean, double checking.
Definitely put plenty of sealant this time, winding it in and out to check coverage. Finally happy gently applying final pressure.

Today I look and it seems petrol is again seeping out, without even having ridden the bike again.
You can see the slight yellow dis-colour highlighted, it goes half way round the flange.
I am pretty sure it will leak petrol out again.

The sealant does not seem anywhere near setting. It seemed very liquified coming out the little packet. It is also very hot here at the moment (mid 90s fahrenheit, mid 30 celcius). Not sure if that would be effecting this fix.

Any ideas?

I am running out of the sealant!!
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