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Originally Posted by RicoAJP View Post
heart wants a KTM, but brain tells me to take other alternatives for their proven reliability and their cheaper cost.
Ride a KTM 690. Then go ride anything else. You will make up your mind. I have not had problems with reliability.

There are basically 2 ways to ride RTW... Learn how to fix your bike.. or be a millionaire and trust EVERY single mechanic around the world. I feel like I can fix... or at least troubleshoot any problem on the 690 now.

As far as a bike that is "proven reliable"...
My 690 has outlasted many friends XR 650Rs and I don't need to change the oil every 1000 miles.
Look at the MotoKiwi's thread about the reliability of a DR. (they are both on a 950 ktm now.) Of course Jammin has been rocking a DR with minimal problems.
Look at Fletch's thread about the reliability of the KLR 650. (and you get a heavy bike with no power and shit suspension! Yay!)

The 690 is reliable. It has great mileage. It has power. It can cruise at highway speeds. It can do offroad very well. It comes factory with OK suspension (even though the 690 has the bottom of the line WP suspension, it is still way better then most other bikes.) Unless you plan on making a thumper like the Walter and the boys, than the 690 is a great bike.

Since motorcycle manufacturer don't listen to people like us and build a small displacement ADV bike with a large oil reservoir and long maintenance interval, we have limited choice as to which bike can get the job done. (See bmw 1200, KTM 1190 adv, Yamaha super tenere, bla bla bla) Where is the 450 adv?

My next ADV bike will be another 690 or a custom thumper. Think KTM exe frame with rally fairing and a duke 390 motor. 42 hp is enough for me.
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