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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
A couple questions:

Have you tried putting the bad relay back in?

The fuel pump relay powers the fuel pump, fuel injectors and O2 Sensor Heater. Do you have a Powercommander, Techlusion or anything else attached to the injectors?
No, nothing attached to the circuit.
I tested the 'failed' relays and they still 'work'. Putting 12v to them causes them to close as normal but they will not allow the fuel pump to prime. VERY odd. Resistance across the coil is 6 ohms instead of the new relays 1 ohm. There is some micro pitting on the contact closure (found after removing relay from shell). Perhaps there is too much current being drawn... I need to measure the voltage at the relay socket next.

I have installed the new part number relay and it's working (for now). It's not a good feeling when you can't trust your electrics!

Haven't found any shorts yet but will continue to check.
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