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awesome and thanks!

wow, with pics, this is such a great post...

Im going to do this to make my bike as quiet as possible

I have a new found respect for quiet trail riding, I find I enjoy the engine more and the sights and scenes much better when riding with a stock exhaust

someboy hacked my original 88 xr6 muffler, the gap or hole is bigger than the pc4 I had even without the spark arrestor, after taking off the pc4 and selling it I installed my oem setup and the difference was amazing...especially accelerating

however on decel the damn baffle less oem muffler has this AWFUL metallic sucking sound that is beyond attrocious and I had forgotten about it, so Im looking for a cheap diy solution to fix internally


so thanks so much

perfect timing and kudos for your effort, its much appreciated


ps just saw the vids, IMPRESSIVE, what was mx dbs on the modified pc4? thanks
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