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No Water Crossings, But...

This Saturday, fellow ADV'er falcn, and I decided to go investigate the northernmost portion of the Trans-WV-Trail. Of course, we decided that getting there would be half the fun, and so I plotted a course from our meeting point in Imperial, PA, to the intersection of the TWVT with Route 22, via county roads and state parks. The temperature was in the 20's in the morning, so we trailered our bikes to our meetup point in hopes it would warm up some by the time we got there, which, thankfully, it did.

The plan was to ride out to the intersection of the TWVT and 22, then ride north to the northern terminus in Chester, WV.

I rode my XR400, and falcn was on his DR250SE. I loaded up the route files into my Garmin Oregon 450, and off we went, after a brief stop at DiStefano's Cycle in Imperial to jump start falcn's DR.

This was my first time with the Oregon, and the first time following a track on a GPS (instead of the more familiar turn-by-turn directions in the car). We missed a few turns on the way, but it becomes pretty obvious you are off course only about 30 seconds after you go past the turn off.

Anyway, one wrong turn led to an interesting crossing -- we popped up out of the woods and there was a big open field, with a giant stop sign and a warning sign below it:


Yup, the county road goes right across the airstrip!

falcn has some photos of this, perhaps he can post up.

After getting back on the right track, we continued along the trail, and ended up in Chester WV, for a lunch that could not be beat, at Connie's Corner.

At that point, we could have taken the "easy" route back Rt 30 to Imperial, but decided we hadn't had enough fun yet, so instead we retraced our trail back the way we came. It was about 1h45m each way. Along the way back home, we stopped off in the Hillman State Park, looking for an R/C airplane airport that was mentioned on a sign we passed, but we couldn't find it once inside the park. The park roads were pretty greasy mud, too.

All in all, a very fun Saturday morning and afternoon, especially so after a LONG winter here in Pittsburgh.

Here's a highlight reel of the trip:

I've never met a motorcycle I didn't like.
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