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It's a short cut, really
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Just rode Rayhouse yesterday (west to east) with the BARF group.

The west side gate was closed....but the lock was only locked to the gate and NOT to the post. It opened with a gentle push.....welll maybe not so gentle.

Anyway, if you go up there take a close look at the gate if it's closed. You will likely be able to get through.

NOTE: No road maintenance at all and the west side rocky areas are deeply rutted. The riders on BMWs V-stroms and the like had a few hairy moments picking their way throught the washouts and ruts.

KLRs DR650 and smaller (and big bikes with real knobbies) should not have a problem. As always picking a good line and planning ahead through the washouts is important. If it looks challenging for you, get off and walk the section first.

East side access is as last year. BMWs can just barely squeak around the K-rail

Yolo CR 41.

The gate on the west side of CR41 (leading to Sand Creek Road and Arbuckle on the east) is closed and LOCKED with no access points around the gate anywhere that I could find.
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