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Originally Posted by Jeff@TheQuadShop View Post
I get this when I try to import my GPX...
Import Daniel Boone bike.gpx failed: No "rte" elements found in GPX file.

What does this mean?
I'm not an expert but googling around "rte" elements are "route elements" (vs. trk "track elements").

Are you trying to import waypoints, or an entire route (i.e. GPS bread crumbs)? If it's just waypoints that may be the problem since there's no route ("rte"). Try making a route between the waypoints. I've used the GE i have installed on my computer (not the GE native to RN) and use the route tool to lay the route over the tracks in the satellite imagery. The more closely the GE route follows the tracks on the imagery, the closer to real world your mileage. Then convert the GE Route from KML to GPX, and import the GPX to RN.

If you already have a breadcrumb trail then maybe a quick brute force way of getting what you want would be to run it through GPSBabel. Convert it to KML (GE's route format), then back to GPX and see if it works? It sounds like a pain, but is should only take a few min and that would isolate the problem (i.e. the file information on your GPS is somehow not right). You can then start looking at the way your GPS stores breadcrumbs to address the root cause.
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