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Originally Posted by tilting40s View Post
Hey guy's I have a 07 990 Adv and I'm gettin about 90-95 mile before the gas light comes on. I think this is pretty terrible. The bike smells like gas when it runs so I have a feeling its running rich -but it still hauls ass so it runs well. I would love to re map it but don't have a PC nor do I want to go through the hassle of installing windows on a mac/I'm super noob so i don't want to f-up the bike either. I live close to the guy who does Tune ECU in San Rafael CA but I'm concerned he will charge an arm and leg for just leaning it out at critical points/don't really wan the wear and tear of dyno testing on the bike. Any suggestions/ people who have used Tune ECU privately in the bay area? I guess I'm really looking for guidance. Thanks!

Are you the original owner? Unless someone previously has messed with the map I cannot see how Tune ECU will help resolve a chronic fuel consumption issue such as this.

If someone has screwed up the map, getting it back to stock shouldn't require a dyno. Figuring this out and it's been messed with, returning it to stock, would be my first step.
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