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What's over there?
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Outback Steakhouse (old Strawbridge and Clothier store)

Strawbridge and Clothier was founded by Justus C. Strawbridge and Isaac H. Clothier on July 1, 1868. Strawbridge and Clothier became the last family-owned department store chain in the Philadelphia area. Jenkintown’s Strawbridge and Clothier opened in 1931 on Old York Road at the former site of Wyndhurst, which was the residence of John Milton Colton.

There was a court fight with Abington over Jenkintown’s annexation of the triangular piece of land the store was on. Strawbridge’s became a part of Jenkintown. In 1953 the store added a new parking deck that stretched to Rodman Avenue.
Strawbridges is no longer located in Jenkintown but The Outback Steakhouse restaurant is.
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