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I took the bike out on Sunday. Seemed to run good but felt a little 'poppy' for lack of a better term as the RPM's went up. I don't know if this is jetting, or because of my newer muffler and baffle (XR400), or maybe another carburetor problem that I need to work out. Went very quickly to highway speed though in 1-3 gears (which was 45 in our residential are). Was hard to start but I've figured out a bit more on how to start it: compression, then compression release. the kick start goes from hard to easy then hard again. If I push it just a little more into the next 'hard' spot, then bring it to the top and give a kick, it usually pops. Doesn't usually catch but gets better with each kick until it's running.
Then, I came home and changed the oil and filter to Rotella 15-W40. I will pull the plug at some point and see how rich or lean she's running. May go out and ride a bit tonight after Track practice...

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