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Originally Posted by Motorcyclist View Post
When you consider that Sam Hornish is just now consistently contending in the Nationwide Series (been in NASCAR 5 years IIRC, after having spent several unproductive years in Sprint Cup action) it is not surprising that she has struggled. And Sam was a three time IndyCar Series champion.

I hope she does well, and she certainly brings the publicity, as evidenced by us posting about it here. She is definitely a talented driver, just to be able to run a car at those speeds, but she is in excellent equipment and needs perform better than being multiple laps down at the routine tracks.

Still a rookie though, and hopefully she can race to the top of the learning curve.
To pat myself on the back. () I predicted a drop-off after Daytona. She definitely likes that track and in Nationwide she often struggled elsewhere.

I think your post and PeteN95's are common-sense. I doubt she'll ever be great but she's doing OK, all things considered.

What gets lost, perhaps deliberately, in the vitriol aimed at Patrick is two things.

1/ She has accomplished things no other woman has in motor sports. Yes, there were notable, admirable women before her. Nobody says there weren't. But when she took the lead at Indy it was a moment in history. And it wasn't a fluke, she runs well there.

2/ The haters say she gets more publicity than her results demand. To that we must ask: which results? You may be looking at the wrong ones. The media is a business. They will cover things that are of interest to their customers. For six years, fans voted Danica Patrick their most popular driver in Indy Car. Last year, fans voted Danica Patrick their favorite driver in Nationwide.

With results like that, if she didn't get media attention editors would get fired.

If you think Patrick gets too much ink and airtime, blame the tens of thousands of fans who follow her. That standing ovation she got when she took the lead at Daytona last year in Nationwide wasn't a fluke. They like her, they really like her.

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