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Nothing new under the sun...

The blow wing thing going through F1 right now? In Shiny Wings there's an aviation thread with this aircraft, designed in the 1920's. Blow wing is one of its features.

Emsco B-8 [X55W] (Walter Boyne coll)

B-8 Flying Wing 1930 = 2pOlwM; 165hp Continental A-70 (later 300hp P&W Wasp Jr); span: 60'0" length: 36'0" v (est): 145/125/x; ff 4/17/30 (p: C Rocheville). Charles Rocheville. "Blown wing" had air ducted from the engine and fed through outlets over the surface. Despite its name, this experimental had a twin-boom empennage, and was designed for endurance of 70 flying hoursóRocheville had plans brewing for a Japan-US flight. POP: 1 prototype [X55W]. Production cancelled by lack of funds, scrapped Nov 1930.

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