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Question Bizarre '11 990 Adventure Dakar electrical gremlin

I bought a leftover 2011 Adv Dakar last August. Since then I have had a couple of problems with it - a lambda sensor was replaced, and then an electrical short that stranded me late one night due to a wire wearing through and shorting against the rear cylinder head.

Now I am seeing a transient problem that I saw a couple of times before the short was repaired - truly weird, and I haven't seen anything the same based on any of my searching. Hoping some of you experts can help out!

Symptoms: after the bike has been parked for a while (e.g. Today during work) I turn on the ignition, all lights come on, and the gauge sweeps. With the kill switch in the ON position, and standing off to the right of the bike, I press the starter button. NOTHING happens - no noise, no lights dimming, Nada. Bike doesn't start.

Then, I honk the horn, and push the starter button again. The bike starts right up and runs like a champ.

Tried to duplicate once I arrived at home, but it starts right up.

I'm at a loss. I can't reproduce it, so I can't just haul it over to the dealer and hassle them to fix it.

Any thoughts?

Thanks much.

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