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I thought Faria always rode a little slower only because he was a Water carrier. How many times have we seen him stopping and waiting for his guy in the past 4 years? I can remember or 7-8 times at least. He rides very very well, but conservatively for his friend and now he has been dropped? Must be a really bum deal for the guy, I know I would take it very hard. I think unleashed he is pretty close to alien status in his own right.

But if Cyril has been "playing poker well", then I guess its hardly a surpise that KTM have done this. A good way of calling his bluff and seeing whether he really wants to go (to Honda?) or not.

As much as I would like to see Honda win, I dont think thats going to happen for another year or two still. That bike still needs so much development and anyway they are redesigning the wheel it seems. I think it would be silly for Depres to switch now...surely? ontknow

One n00b question for ya Doyle: Does what youre saying imply that Speedbrain is going to become a new stand alone production bike in a year or so? If so that would be so, so cool. Im still pretty devastated that Husqvarna is now now maybe this could replace it?
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