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Nice!! That's a good sign!

I remember when I was building my first project bike I was in a rush to get to the ADV Eastern Rendezvous. Like in 2 days rush. Bike had never started in my possession and I could not get it to fire but it would turn over. Some guy, who I am still indebted to, send me a PM on an FZ1 board and ON HIS VACATION, talked me through every pinout on the ECU and we (he) methodically worked through all systems. Eventually traced it down within 20 minutes to a fault in the kill switch wiring that was depowering the coils.

Bike fired right up and never an issue since. I know you will get it running and can't wait to see your smile when that day comes. There are plenty of people who are brilliant with bike wiring harnesses, I hope you find one because it is usually something simple.
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