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Originally Posted by Blue&Yellow View Post
The secret with the 990 Adv is to ride it like you stole it and not like if you borrowed it from your boss!

If you ride it slow and with any kind of hesitation you won't get the bike - it's not a tourer. Ridden like that you will start to wonder why you're not riding a BMW RT1200 instead.

You have to manhandle it - grab a fistful of throttle, brake hard and let the front forks dive, stand on the pegs, let the rear slide, fire it off towards the horizon and trust that the chassi is good enough to soak up whatever comes it's way.

The 990 Adv has the best off-road chassi in it's class - you have to really ride it and push it to understand how good it is.
Hear! Hear! I completely understand where you are coming from. My 640 is not a bike to be babied. Pussy-foot around on it, and it won't quite fight you, but it will not make either of you happy. Give it death, and it just soaks it all up with aplomb and taunts you to give it more!

I just LOVED the 950 when I rode it. Handled like a dirt bike, went like my litre-class road bike.
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