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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
It's the first time I am looking at a GS with cast wheels.

IMHO the last version of cast, sucked. I always thought of GS having spoke wheels.

But having spoke wheel bikes for the last 11 years, I can say that indeed spokes are a pain in the a**. Since my enduro is like 1% of the bike's life nowadays (something I am ashamed off, but Real Life makes its own rules without asking me), I think I would go with cast wheels this time because:

- Of the small percentage of personal enduro as mentioned above.
- Of them being lighter.
- Of them being a more proper color (graphite ain't they?) unlike the spokes that do NOT come in black yet.
- Of them being more stable. Spoke wheels are inherently off balance to a greater extend.
- It comes cheaper! (BMW since they are factory option should NOT charge for them, but they do)
- The new design is actually very nice and the thin brackets "simulate" spoke wheel look to a point.
It really comes down to personal preference. The weight issue has been discussed at length in other threads. Aluminum rims are cheaper, but the $500 US extra for spokes is small compared to the full cost if you wanted spokes later.

A couple thoughts though. I've subjected my rims to more abuse on the road than off. The potholes around here can be awful, with deep, sharp edges. My light off-roading is probably easier on rims than a 40mph impact on a road crater.

And I just liked the way the spoked wheels look, even "silver". I can make a practical justification for it, but like so many things it comes down to what looks better without sacrificing anything (except $$$).
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