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Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
So that makes the event 66 modern and 55 vintage. Maybe it has been all about vintage vehicles, but thats not the case any longer.
A count of vehicles cannot reveal the philosophy of NORRA. The conclusion drawn is the one you have put into the data, not what the data has shown to you.

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
With the new poker run option
New, as in, not at all related to the "X" poker run class of 2011?

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
not ...a true rally race
In my last decade, I've seen a lot of people proclaim what is and isn't "real rally"...

pavement = not real rally
motorcycle = not real rally
closed courses = not real rally
not route book based = not real rally
no bivuack = not real rally
no recce = not real rally
recce = not real rally
no pacenotes = not real rally
pacenotes = not real rally
no codriver = not real rally
AWD = not real rally
not two weeks = not real rally
stages under 25 miles = not real rally
no night stages = not real rally
single stage, repeated multiple times = not real rally

I haven't met the expert yet who can tell me what real rally is. Beyond "multiple timed sections that are added up" it's tough to nail it down.

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
I for one am kind of disapointed in their non action to enact a rooadbook only class
Anyone that wants change in anything should work toward that goal. I would begin by drafting the rules of the routebook only class, and then including in the draft your proposed solutions to all the potential problems that may occur. Send that off to NORRA and then arrange to meet with the NORRA people to talk about it.

Alternatively, don't bring your GPS. Find some buddies who also don't bring their GPS. If no GPS is exactly what you want, do that, compare times, and have some beers at the finish.

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