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Day fifty two: 3-7-13
Took a ride the rest of the way around the island before heading back to pack our things and catch a ferry back to the mainland. The road around the smaller volcano was all rock and dirt and actually a little sketchy in places.

When we got to the ferry they informed us that they didn’t know where the ferry was and that it either ran aground or it was too windy. People here know nothing. So we went to the other ferry about ten miles down the road. It was in port but no one was on it and another English speaking guy informed us it had been there all day and he wasn’t sure if it was leaving today.

So we waited and waited and had a few beers with a cop who told us he was there on the island investigating a shark attack. There are bull sharks in lake Nicaragua and they killed three fisherman yesterday. Glad I didn’t go swimming. Andy was starting to get a massive case of food poisoning from the hamburger he had for lunch. Around 4 we finally were able to load up. By the time we arrived back in san juan del sur Andrew was fully sick. So I got him some water and went out front to sit around and drink rum. Outside I met the neighbors, a bunch of Nicaraguans who also liked rum. One of them spoke English as he used to live in DC and we hit the town REALLY hard. Tons of fun.
Day fifty three: 3-8-13
Didn’t really leave the hostel today except to get Gatorade and pizza. Andy is still sick so being the good friend I am I decided to make it so Id be hanging out with him all day. That is the only reason I went out so hard last night. For andy.

Day fifty four: 3-9-13
I slept most of the day today. And watched internet movies in between the power going out about 20 times. The power to the entire city is out right now and only a few places with generators are open. I haven’t had a super lazy day in a while and caught up on some sleep. Maybe I’ll go see what the Nicaraguans are up to tonight, but we are waking up really early tomorrow to deal with what has been described to us as the worst border crossing in Central America. This should be fun.
Day fifty five: 3-10-13
The border crossing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it was still shit. You have to go back and forth between three or four places getting things stamped and showing it to someone else. Andy still wasn’t feeling great and neither was I due to meeting back up with Barry and having a few drinks last night.

The ride was hot and I was thirsty. Then when we got close to Lake Arenal we dipped off the main road for a few miles of decent off road.

Got to the lake and it was beautiful.

The greens here are more vibrant and different flowers are blooming everywhere. Stopped at a few places that were way out of our budget. Costa Rica is going to be an expensive country. Finally found a place called the toad hall that was also way out of our budget but the guy was a fellow motorcycle enthusiast and gave us our own three bedroom house for 30 bucks. Awesome.

The place is really nice and there is tons of nature here, and also giant bugs that look like they are from Jurassic Park. Oh well there are screens on the windows in the bedroom at least.

Day fifty six: 3-11-13
Hit the road along Lake Arenal toward Alajuela where Greg, GRinCR was nice enough to offer to put us up for the night. The ride round the lake and after through the jungle was amazing.

We saw some weird animals, and lots of green jungle.

Andy dropped his camera trying to get it out of his pocket at 60 to take a photo of the volcano.

About half way there we turned off for some pretty good sketchy muddy rocky off road for about 40 miles.

The roads were once again beautiful, winding through the clouds before dropping below them to reveal a panoramic view of Alajuela tucked in the valley between the mountians. Greg was awesome. I hopped on a bus with him, his wife, and his 2 year old son into downtown Alejuela to do some shopping. Got some great steaks, and his wife made us some surf and turf with rice and broccli. It was a delicious meal! Then we sat around drinking rum and trading stories for the rest of the evening.
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