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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
To the contrary, I hear KTM has resigned Faria so he's good to go with KTM. It would be interesting to see how he really does go unfettered to support someone else, but I suspect he still will not be a #1 rider even if Despres leaves. I don't think it's as much that KTM wants to cut Cyril loose as much as it is he is driving a hard bargain for a new contract with them or Honda.

Speedbrain owns nearly all the rights to the current TE449RR. They are completely separated from Husqvarna now and with the split from BMW, the bike essentially becomes a bespoke effort from the team and they become a small manufacturer similar to Bordone Ferrari and their Mi1. As I hear it, the bike will drop the Husky name and simply become a Speedbrain 450RR while the mechanical makeup remains the same.
I thought you meant resigned( fired for polite people) not re-signed!!!

It all suddenly makes sense now!

Thanks also for the explanation regarding the TE449. Im delighted about that because I just love those bikes!
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