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I love the vintage idea in fact I fully plan on getting myself a vintage sled this summer to start working on it to race in the full spirit of the idea. However they opened up the modern classes so why not open up the rules and classes to accept us looking for a navigation rally and our requests?

I am not dissing the rally or your employment there. I am voicing opinons that others have as well concerning the subjects of roadbook navagation, GPS's and cheating. Yes many of us believe there was alot of it last year.

Last year...
I didnt bring my gps didnt own one ..
My sponsor Tripy has that covered but If I do race NORRA this year it will be used only as a backup tripmaster or cap heading reference as it has no North American basemap.

I did finish... not as high as I would have liked

I as well as quite a few racers here are just looking to have a very easily enacted class of


The rules are simple.. no GPS allowed on vehicles in that class, only perhaps a baja almanac and an IRC beeper sized tracker.

Why has the organization not started a suggestion thread here or on race dezert (not your new rule thread) that norra takes questions and anwsers or suggestions with Mike answering directly?

One burning question is why he decided to charge entry fees to 2 wheels as much as 4 when EVERY SINGLE other big race gives breaks to the guys and girls on bikes?

I stopped competing or trying to promote rallymoto out here in the west just for the lack of roadbooks and the stages being ribboned off. I still have the MT HOOD stages in my roll chart. If I want to race in the dirt fast I have many many options from 50 dollar entry at califonia city for a 200 mi race all the way to a Vegas to Reno for 500.00 entry (ironman)

Thank you for being the champion of all things rally but I am not the only that feels this way.
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