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Originally Posted by DruncleWill View Post
You pose an interesting question (to me) here T.O. Just what is "for a living" to a top international rally racer? I would imagine that a top name like CDP is in the 2 or 3 million U.S. dollar range (although I could be way the hell off one direction or the other ). But what do the other top guys pull down? I'm always amazed by guys like Kurt and the other top off-road racers here in Southern California that the income of a successful racer is about the same as a gainfully employed weekend rider like myself. I could be completely wrong about the income of the top racers here in the States, but they all seem to live in homes and drive trucks similar to my own. This could be a cultural anomaly here in the US where the market for sports stars is somewhat diluted (thankfully not by soccer or snooker) but just how well do the top racers in other countries do?
Interesting Will, I would have imagined it was a pretty good living for the top off roaders in the States, but sounds not?

Is that because the money is in MX and extreme etc. where the crowds are?

Of course in Europe it's pretty much the same, but the top riders will make a good living, but there again all the top sportsman do, it just depends on the commercialness of the sport in terms to dictate how many and how much!

For the Dakar the win and bonus maybe half a million, maybe another 150k factory a top factory salary, plus perks and then other win bonus's and sponsorship - don't know, maybe a million tops if you are a CDP or Coma and get a Dakar win?

Maybe 200 k for the next 4 or 5 and 50 - 100 k for another 4 or 5?

Pretty much guesswork, but certainly worth it for the top few, but the opportunities a pretty limited
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